26.-27. September 2014
Fachada digital (Plaza de las Letras)

Presentation of the projects produced and adapted for Medialab-Prado's digital façade, within theopen call Participatory City 2014. The following projects will be shown: Urban Alphabets (Helsinki), Human beeing (Holland), (USA), Organic cinema (Holland) and n'UNDOing Cities (Madrid).

Bees, plants, urban alphabets and many other elements of the city come alive on the digital façade, which turns into a canvas with which the citizens interact from the space of the Plaza de las Letras.


Connecting Cities Event #7: Urban Reflections

11 - 14 September 2014, Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections – Light Parcours, Brunnenstraße Berlin, Germany
11 - 13 September 2014, Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections – Symposium
11 - 13 September 2014, Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections – Workshops

Connecting Cities will make the neighborhood shine!


Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections - Workshops

In several workshops from the 11 - 13th September 2014 the Connecting Cities Artists are going to analyze how the inhabitants can be included in participatory processes through media art. The Workshops are embedded in a rich programme within the 'Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections' Programme, with Symposium, Light Parcours and a Stadt Picknick (Urban Picnic).

Find all Workshops below and please register under:


Connecting Cities Event #6: Helsinki

Connecting Cities @ Media Facades Festival Helsinki, Lasipalatsi Square

21 - 24 August 2014

The Connecting Cities Event #6 takes place during the Media Facades Festival Helsinki. MEDIA FACADES FESTIVAL is an urban media festival which brings media art for new audiences to discover, opens up new approaches to the city and experiments with media and technology in public space.


Human Beeing: Support the BEES!

Where are the bees? Here, but nobody sees them.
Spotlight on! The urban honeybee’s work has a tremendous effect on our ecosystems – especially in our cities! The project ‘Human Beeing’ shows the microcosm of the bees and makes it visible to everyone in a larger than life projection.