Connecting Cities Event #7: Urban Reflections


11 - 14 September 2014, Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections – Light Parcours, Brunnenstraße Berlin, Germany
11 - 13 September 2014, Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections – Symposium
11 - 13 September 2014, Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections – Workshops

Connecting Cities will make the neighborhood shine!

You are invited to explore artistic strategies and cultural potentialities of media facades & urban screens. Public Art Lab and SUPERMARKT will turn Northern Brunnenstrasse in the Wedding-district into a boulevard of prototypes and projections during the Kulturfestival Wedding-Moabit! Wedding, an area in Berlin, is known for its cultural diversity and density of cultures.

This year’s Connecting Cities Event in Berlin entitled 'Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections' introduces the city vision Participatory City 2014 into the 'Brunnenkiez' (local neighborhood). During 'Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections' the focus lies on the participation of citizens and pedestrians in artistic scenarios and explore the possibilities of local community building through networked media art. From 11-14 September 2014 a rich programme with workshops, talks, panel discussions, a symposium and a Light Parcours including audiovisual works and an urban dinner will take place.

11-14 September | 19.30-00.00 | Brunnenstr. 64-72
During 'Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections' Public Art Lab will transform the windows in the Brunnenstraße into interactive light and projection windows. Connecting Cities will make the neighborhood shine! The windows will become a place for intercultural encounters and community building. Site-specific interactive artworks invite the pedestrians to participate and co-create.
The Connecting Cities projects Occupy the Screen, Smart Citizen Sentiment Dashboard, Urban Alphabets, Human Beeing will be shown, as well a performance work from Lichtpiraten, Scotts Sinclair vs. ESOC, a cooperation project of Public Art Lab and Quartiersmanagement Brunnenstraße, the students of Leuphana University Lüneburg and a video programme by Screen City and Videospread.

Light Parcours:
- Urban Alphabets by Suse Miessner
- Occupy the Screen by Paul Sermon & Charlotte Gould
- Telepresent Gallery by Public Art Lab
- Human Beeing by The Constitute
- Hybrid Screen by Marius Hoggenmüller
- Borders and Migration by Screen City with artists & works by Silvia Ospina (CO): Animals- ein Tanzduett | HD Video| 4’00 min | 2008, Dario Bardic (NL): LUNCHTIME | HD Video | 1’00 min | 2009, Bjørn Magnhildøen (NO): Crossover | HD Video | 1’17 min | 2013, Chris Brandl (DE): NO TOI | animation| 0’30 min | 2008, Chris Brandl (DE): DIRECTLOANSLENDERS EDUCATION | animation| 0’18 min | 2009, Jessica Koppe (DE): and even If | cut-out animation| 2’10 min | 2011, Zanny Begg (AU): This is not a Citizen | Film & animation| 3’10 min | 2013 // Curators: Daniela Arriado (CL/NO) / Mirjam Struppek (DE) //
- Videoprogramme by Videospread with artists & works by After Fès, Séoul, We'll become oil, Glucose, Centipede Sun // Curators: Céline Jouenne (FR)
- Hall of Fame by Quartiersmanagement Brunnestraße
- Wunsch/Brunnen/Viertel by Leuphana University
- Interaktives Fassaden-Mapping auf dem Schloss Elisabethenburg von Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (HCI/Media Architecture)

11 September | 20.30-22.00 | SUPERMARKT Brunnenstr. 64
At the beginning of the Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections events Public Art Lab and the SUPERMARKT invite international and Berlin-based experts from the fields of urban media art and urban planning to introduce their institutions and their work.

12 September | from 20.00 | SUPERMARKT Brunnenstr. 64
Public Art Lab and the SUPERMARKT invite you to join the open air urban picnic in the Brunnenstraße. A long table and chairs will be installed, bring your favorite dishes!

Together with our local partner SUPERMARKT, Public Art Lab organizes a symposium and workshop programme. In several talks, lectures, workshops, keynotes and panel discussions the speakers discuss in how far artistic scenarios in the urban space can lead to sustainable community building.

12-13 September | SUPERMARKT Brunnenstr. 64
Together with our local partner SUPERMARKT, Public Art Lab organizes the ‚Connecting Cities: Urban Reflections‘ Symposium. In several talks, keynotes and panel discussions the speakers discuss how artistic scenarios in the urban space can lead to sustainable community building.

11 September | 19.00-21.00 | SUPERMARKT Brunnenstr. 64 (German)
Panel 0 – Ideen für das Brunnenviertel: Mitmachen, verändern, gemeinsam gestalten!
Moderation: Ela Kagel (SUPERMARKT) Speakers: René Scharf (Lastenrad-Werkstatt, Mauergarten)// Andreas Arnold (LeihBar) // Karsten Harazim (solidarische Imkerei im Mauergarten) // Uli Schmidt (IT-Café) // Dr. Bastian Lange (Multiplicities) // Franziska Loh (Designer)

12 September | 15.00-15.30 | SUPERMARKT Brunnenstr. 64
Introduction Connecting Cities Network by Susa Pop (Public Art Lab)

12 September | 15.30-17.30 | SUPERMARKT Brunnenstr. 64 (English)
Panel 1 – Mobile Makers Labs for Participatory Processes
Keynote: Prof. Mark Shepard Moderation: Ela Kagel (SUPERMARKT) Speakers: Prof. Mark Shepard (Bauhaus University Weimar) // Christin Prätor and Yael Sherill (b-tours) // Suse Miessner (CCN artist) // Torsten Fischer (Quarterland)

12 September | 17.30-17.30 | SUPERMARKT (English)
Panel 2 – Real-time Windows as Interaction Platforms
Moderation: Susa Pop (Public Art Lab) Keynote: Paul Sermon (CCN artist) Speakers: Nicole Srock-Stanley (dan pearlman) // Dr. Alexander Wiethoff (Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich) // Paul Sermon (CCN artist) // Daniel Irrgang (University of the Arts / Vilém Flusser Archive)

13 September | 17.30-19.30 | SUPERMARKT (English)
Panel 3 – Urban Screens as Community Platforms
Moderation: Susa Pop (Public Art Lab) Keynote: Moritz Behrens (CCN artist) Speakers: Moritz Behrens (CCN artist) // Robert Kleinfeld (Fraunhofer Institute) // Eva Hornecker (Bauhaus University Weimar) // Christian Rauch (State Festival) // Robert Sakrowski (transmediale)

11-13 September | 10.00-14.00 | SUPERMARKT
In several workshops the artists are going to analyze how the inhabitants can be included in participatory processes through media art? Please register:

11 September | 14.00-17.00 | SUPERMARKT
12 - 13 September | 10.00-12.00 | SUPERMARKT
Suse Miessner: How can we collectively create a cityalphabet in an urban walk and how can the typographic identity of the neighbourhood be captured by the app?

12 September | 10.00-12.00 | SUPERMARKT
Paul Sermon & Charlotte Gould: What are possible telepresent scenarios and startegies for connecting citizens?

13 September | 12.00-14.00 | SUPERMARKT
Moritz Behrens & Nina Valkanova: How do people perceive their neighbourhood? How can participation in urban space be fostered by means of interactive technologies?

13 September | 14.00-17.00 | SUPERMARKT
Alexander Wiethoff & Marius Hoggenmüller: Prototyping interactivity with mediafacades

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