Connecting Cities Event #4: Istanbul + Marseille


2 + 7 November 2013
Istanbul, Turkey and Marseille, France

The Connecting Cities Event #4 in November takes place during Amber’13 @ Istanbul and the Connecting Cities Events @ Videospread Marseille.

Connecting Monsters by h.o
The Puppet Master by Joan Mora & Chema Blanco
United Colors of Dissent by Orkan Telhan & Mahir Yavuz
where2now by Pippo Lionni
The Connecting Cities Events are city-to-city live interventions that are embedded in local programmes and festivals. In 2013 several Connecting Cities Events already took place in Melbourne, Dessau, Berlin, Liverpool, Linz, Madrid, Riga, Helsinki and Brussels. More Connecting Cities Events will take place until November and are embedded in different festivals.

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