403 International Art Center


403 international art center is a crossover dream stage for modern Chinese New Youth. Located in Wuhan, it belongs to Hubei Night Songs Landscape Cultural Media Co., LTD., which is founded by Hubei ExiEco-cultural Tourism Investment Company and NICE (New Cultural Investment GroupCo., LTD.)
403 international art centerformerly the No.403 workshop of Wuhan Boiler Factory, combines the past, present, and the future, is a hub of industrial civilization, information civilization, and ecological civilization. Therefore, we build a co-work platform for all the creative,passionate people of different fields in this 3000 square metres space.

There are four parts of 403 international art center: comprehensivetheater, art center, walker café, and creative entrepreneurship, which are developing independently into four famous brands and will jointly make 403 an international famous brand.
Due to the flexible combination of each physical space and the use and promotion of electronic commerce, 403 will attract and absorb all kinds of creative people in different industries and fields, such as artists, designers, writers, intellectuals, technicians and etc.
403 is a dream place where all the creative people togetherholding diversified culture events, making artistic works, design works, publish works, and creative products through communication, cooperation, co-working, and creation.
403 international art center will not only be famous for its own brand, but also famous for the self-developed brand alliances of all the creative people.
And through a wide array of cultural events, programs, and all kinds of creative works, 403 international art centerwill promotethe development of the local artistic environment, fosterinternational exchange, and showcasethe latest in art, design, technology and other fields.