m-cult Helsinki


m-cult works to develop and promote new forms of media culture, with a focus on cultural and social applications of digital media. Our activity spans the fields of media art, community media and open source culture, advanced by means of open web platforms, workshops and events. A special emphasis in the work of m-cult has been on urban and participatory media in which m-cult has gained expertise in a range of projects including the open web channels M2HZ and Stadi.TV, the repository of open source guidebooks FLOSS Manuals and the Media Facades Europe Festival 2010.


Minna Tarkka / m-cult Helsinki – Artistic Director

Minna Tarkka is a researcher, producer, critic and educator of media arts and design. Her areas of expertise are in cultural, social and participatory approaches to new media and technology.
In 2000 Tarkka co-founded m-cult, centre for new media culture in Helsinki, which she currently directs. At m-cult, she has been responsible for documentation and publishing of new media culture as well as several experimental, training and development projects relating to mobile and urban media, including USED Urban Spaces and Experience Design (2005-07), Mobicast (2005), Performing places (2006) and M2HZ urban television (2005-2008).
From the late 1980´s on she has been lecturing and contributing to new media-related curriculum development in Finnish universities, including the Academy of Fine Arts (Time and Space) and the University of Art and Design (Media Lab). In 1996-2001 she was professor of interactive and multimedia communication at the UIAH Media Lab. As head of the lab´s MA in New Media programme, she initiated research-oriented study projects in digital museums, interactive television as well as critical art and design practice. In professional training, she has led international masterclasses on interactive art and design.