Adressaparken is an outdoor space in Trondheim, Norway. It is a vibrant laboratory for research and innovation, testing new solutions, social debate and communication of knowledge related to art and technology. The technological infrastructure of the park is a joint cooperation project between Adresseavisen, Trondheim municipality and NTNU.

The main laboratory of research using the Adressparken’s infrastructure is Sense-IT. Within Digital Storytelling and Digital Storytelling Tools the lab examines the intersection between art and technology through several installations. Sense-IT runs a permanent exhibition where visitors are invited to experience the latest developments in various fields such as 3DTV, full body interaction techniques, augmented reality and immersive media applications amongst others.

Adressaparken envisions to establish an open area where the new avenues of expression and new-digital forms of narrative can be explored. The public is invited to actively participate, experience and learn about technology, media and art.

Website: Adressaparken