Riga 2014


In the programme of Riga - European Capital of Culture 2014 it is intended to call a new understanding of culture marked by three basic principles: creative abilities, expansion of borders (broadening of the understanding of the notion of culture through close interaction with other fields) and new forms of interaction. Riga as European Capital of Culture 2014 focuses on culture as the spiritual and intellectual dimension of mankind, manifesting itself through any form of human activity, and expanding the understanding of culture through liaisons with other spheres of life. It is a liaison between generations, traditions and the digital world, it means overcoming historically established barriers. New forms of communication should be promoted also by using modern digital solutions, thereby broadening participation possibilities of people in culture processes in Riga.


Diana Civle / Riga 2014 – Artistic Director

Diana Civle is Head of Riga 2014 Foundation as well as of the Artistic council for Riga 2014 – European Capital of Culture programme where she also curates the thematic programme line "Riga carnival". Amongst different important activities she has been Director of the Riga Department of Culture for 8 years where she organized Riga’s 800th anniversary in 2001.
Diana Civle first studied cultural management at the Marcel Hicter Foundation in Brussels and then completed a musicology study programme at the Latvian Academy of Music and a public leadership programme at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Latvia. She is currently continuing her doctoral studies at the Faculty of Economics in management.
Diana Civle has been Vice director for Latvia’s song and dance festivals in 2003 and 2008 and was the artistic concept author and producer of the Riga`s light festival "Staro Riga". While working as the Director of Department of Culture, Diana Civle also headed the Culture Accessibility and Entitlement task group of the EUROCITIES Cultural forum. She was also head of the Steering committee of INTERREG IVC project CREATIVE METROPOLIS.