Atklāj Rīgu


Non-profit organisation Atklāj Rīgu ('Reveal Riga') was established in 2013 with the aim to promote the city of Riga, to document events in Riga, and organise and support events that promote the recognition of Riga. From an initially small association with an exhibition house in the Old Town of Riga, at present Atklāj Rīgu has become a guide for a broad spectrum of cultural processes.

Currently, 'Reveal Riga' comprises several dozens of members, who on their spare time organise events, design and produce exhibitions, develop light objects, facilitate the movement of light objects internationally, as well as participate in provision of high-quality merchandising management.

Organisation Atklāj Rīgu develops light and projection objects for exhibition in indoors as well as in urban environment. The light and video urban environment objects are developed by authors recruited by the organisation; the organisation also develops sets of objects of larger scale. So far, Atklāj Rīgu has developed light objects 'The Riga Christmas Tree Story', 'Christmas of the Riga Beaver', 'Luminous Parade: The Secret Life Of Light'. 'Reveal Riga' is the concept creator for the Light Festival 'Staro Riga 2015'.