Jena - City of Light


It is not without reason that the central station of Jena is called ‘Paradies’ (Paradise). In collaboration with the Friedrich-Schiller-University the city of Jena intends to become a paradise for students and young researchers. In recent years Jena already made its way towards this aim.

But the city with 106,000 inhabitants has even more to offer: there is almost no other place where future-oriented science, modern research institutions, a university with a 450-year history, a high quality of life and a magnificent landscape are more complementary than in Jena, the city of light. Light guided and still guides the city life, not only due to intellectual giants such as Schiller, Hegel or Abbe. Light inspired the worldwide known companies Zeiss and Schott, light led to the development of the planetariums and light established itself as the most modern instrument of futuristic research fields.

There is no other region where these many intellectuals have lived and changed so much: classical German philosophers and poets, representatives of the German early Romanticism as well as major companies. This is how Jena became over the centuries the embodiment of a productive alliance of science, fine arts, of technology and industry.