Quartier des spectacles Montreal


The mission of the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles is to contribute actively, in concert with public authorities and the various stakeholders active on its territory, to the cultural development and enhancement of Quartier des spectacles, by integrating urban, social and economic considerations into all its activities. It exercises neighborhood leadership by programming cultural activities, managing public spaces, and enriching the district’s cultural general attractions. Since its foundation in 2003, it developed a solid expertise in technologies such as video projection and interactive possibilities, and a perfect comprehension of the challenges of urban development.


Pascal Lefebvre / Quartier des spectacles Montreal – Artistic Director

Pascal Lefebvre has been director of the artistic programmation of Montreal’s Quartier des spectacles since 2011. After his studies in civil engineering, he pursued a career in event organizing. In 1999, he joined the team at the MONTREAL HIGH LIGHTS Festival, where he managed special projects. Starting in 2005, he directed the Montreal All-Nighter. The rise of emerging music and digital arts as major factors in Montreal's cultural life led to other, more personal projects. In 2003, he founded the concept of the PIKNIC ÉLECTRONIK, where he was until recently the general director. That same year, he joined the MUTEK team, where he worked as production manager and in strategic development. In 2007, he launched Igloofest, a winter electronic music festival, in collaboration with the Old Port of Montreal Corporation. All this work hasn't stopped him from getting involved with various other festivals and events. As part of these activities, he has been a member of the Comité arts et patrimoine at the Société de Transport de Montréal, and continues to sit on the Comité 360º of the Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme at Place des Arts.