iMAL Brussels


iMAL is a non-profit association created in Brussels in 1999 which focuses on the production, research, and dissemination of digital culture. iMAL’s objective is to support contemporary artistic and cultural practices emerging from the fusion of computer, telecommunication, network and media. iMAL is a laboratory and a workplace for artists in residence as well as a venue for the production and diffusion of their works. Besides hosting large events – like exhibitions and concerts – attracting a large audience, iMAL also pursues educational goals for a more specialised audience with digital art workshops, master classes and lectures.

Yves Bernard / iMAL Brüssel – Artistic Director

Yves Bernard is artistic and managing dirctor of iMAL which he founded in 1999 with other artists and media activists as a non-profit association. iMAL (interactive Media Art Laboratory) is a media laboratory based in Brussels dedicated to the artistic use of network and computer-based technologies.
Yves Bernard has an academic background in design, architecture and computer science and is a media producer, activist, software engineer and scientific researcher. He worked as lecturer and scientific researcher at Computer Aided Architectural Design (1981-1986) at the Univeristy of Liège, at Philips Research Laboratory Belgium in a team working on software engineering, user interface and multimedia authoring tools (1986-1991), Ecole Nationale des Arts Visuels La Cambre, Brussels (1996 to 1999), Université Paris8 DESS Hypermedia (2003), Institut Supérieur Artistique Saint-Luc de Bruxelles (2004), Ecole de Recherche Graphique (ERG), Bruxelles (2005).
Yves Bernard acted as project manager, interaction designer and software engineer for many awarded cd-roms realised for major publishers (ex. MILIA d’Or Award 1998 for best Art and Culture cd-rom with the 'Art du Moyen-Age' title published by Gallimard).  He was project manager of various Internet and European content-oriented projects (Esprit, info2000) and expert at the European Commission, DG INFSO, 4th and 5th Framewok programmes. He was jury member of the transmediale 10.0 ’Futurity’.