Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF)


Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF) is a public funding foundation which is focusing on urban culture and contemporary art. Through extensive and energetic commonweal projects, BCAF aims to build a contemporary urban think tank, bring together various art disciplines and develop a civil society of quality, where everyone can equal enjoy and participate in cultural and artistic activities.

BCAF is registered at Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau in 2008, and is directed by Beijing Cultural Affairs Bureau. Based in Beijing and having offices in New York, Berlin and London, it establishes an all-around non-profit cooperative platform integrating survey, plan, organization and promotion through effective and professional working system. BCAF has plotted and organized diverse activities: China-EU Metropolis Think-tank summit (2013), MAPPING THE EU--‐CHINA CULTURAL AND CREATIVE LANDSCAPE(2013-2015), System and Mechanism of National Art Funding Expert Convention (2013), System and Mechanism of National Art Communication Expert Convention(2014), Official Cultural Program on the 50th Anniversary of China-France Diplomatic Relationship: China-France Culture  Summit (2014), Cultural Policy Research Project of China's Ministry of Culture: Sino-Indian Cultural Connection (2014), Chinese Ethnic Minority Culture Inheritance and Protection Project (2015-2017), China Cultural and Arts Foundation Summit (2015), Urban Humanitarian Map series (2015), China  Designer Charity Alliance (2015), Chinese Pavilion of the 56th Venice International Art Biennale (2015), China Creative Cultural Leaders US Touring (2016), China Youth Talent Supporting Plan (2016) etc.

It has as mission to discover cultural innovation and make accessible art and its profits to everyone.