For Human Beeing, The Constitute will link bee-keepers and youth institutions with various art hubs within the Connecting Cities network, to keep a series of beehives across Europe, and will create a projection mapping of an active, community maintained beehive onto urban facades to illustrate the project.
Beekeeping is quickly becoming an extinct profession. Bees are not made to feel very at home in urban environments, even though city honey is delicious, and the activity of bees is absolutely necessary to maintain a successful ecological urban balance. This project seeks to teach Young People how to keep bees, and get them to engage with their urban community –and arts organisations- through an artistic, care-taking and environmentally positive practice.
Projection mapping will enable the hives (constructed in the shape of urban facades) to come to life at night in the city, illustrating to passers-by the secret lives of urban bees, promoting awareness of their importance. The Young People will not only learn ancient skills, i.e. that of keeping bees, but will also learn how to operate digital technologies to help them understand, and visualise the bees behaviour back into the city.

Human Beeing by The Constitute © The Constitute


Artist biography

The Constitute is a design and research studio based in Berlin and run by Christian Zöllner and Sebastian Piatza. By combining artistic and scientific practices they create interactive experiences for the public space.

Founded in early 2012, arising from the VR/urban Media Art Collective, The Constitute have worked with several international cultural Institutions and exhibited their works worldwide. Currently, their focus is on the investigation of narrative and diegetic prototypes as well as the construction of more public, and socially sustainable, interfaces.

In addition to their creative practice, both members of The Constitute are actively working in the field of teaching. Christian is guest professor at the Burg Giebichenstein University of the Arts and had taught at several international Universities. Sebastian is more focused on the mediation of design and prototyping skills through youth workshops.

Tech info

Beehives, Wax, Cameras, Mapping Software