Connecting Cities Projects at the SP_ Urban Digital Festival, Sao Paulo


From 07 November until 07 December 2014 the SP_ Urban Digital Festival takes place in Sao Paulo. This years' topic of the festival is 'Afterimage' and is curated and produced by Connecting Cities Partner Verve Cutural. The aim of the festival is to link architecture, art and media throughout new technologies. Main festival site is the SESI Building at the Avenida Paulista. Amongst other great projects, also two Connecting Cities projects will be shown: 'Urban Alphabets' by Suse Miessner and 'G-Frame' by the Constitute.

The work G-Frame by The Constitute will be performed for the first time and connect the festival in Sao Paulo with the Media Architecture Biennale in Aarhus from November 19th – 22nd. The project will then be further shown in Sao Paulo until December 08th. G-Frame invites passers-by to be graffiti artists via the medium of digital drawing on urban facades. By using fingers in the digitally augmented frame, participants can create an internationally networked artwork together using light, colour, and hacked technology.

Another Connecting Cities project Urban Alphabets by Suse Miessner is presented in the framework of the festival. On November 3rd, 4th and 5th the Workshop for Urban Alphabets invited the citizens of Sao Paulo to create the city alphabet for Sao Paulo. All letters from Sao Paulo were used to generate the city’s custom alphabet, which was then displayed on the Media Facade.

The idea of the Urban Alphabets project is to show inhabitants and tourists of a particular city how special and unique that city is. Using the Urban Alphabets smartphone app, participants make up their own version of their city’s alphabet. At the same time all letters are geo-tagged and uploaded to the project website (

Urban Alphabets will also be shown at the Media Architecture Biennale in Aarhus from November 19th – 22nd.

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