THE CONSTITUTE (Based in Germany)
G-FRAME, 2014, 2015

G-Frame allows participants to engage with urban facades via the medium of digital drawing. This project allows one to be a graffiti artist in the most constructive way, without destroying the natural beauty of the facades in various cities across the Connecting Cities network.
A digitally augmented frame, along with projections on the side of a building (or a media façade) allow passers-by to use their hands to create communal works of art. Using fingers, palms and gestures as painting tools, and the frame as a canvas, participants can create an internationally networked artwork together using light, colour, and hacked technology.

It is connected to regular but strong projector and immediately ready for use. An integrated i-Pad allows the selection of stroke style and colours. Visitors of an event can write comments, try themselves out or simply draw or sketch something to be seen large scale on the facade! Every parameter can be adjusted to the clients wishes and the stylistic situation on site. From stroke style to colour scheme to the overall hardware look of the frame, everything is open to discussion and can be modified in advance!

G-frame was premiered in November 2014 during the international Connecting Cities Conference at the Media Architecture Biennale in Århus / Denmark. It was a realtime scenario between Århus / Denmark and Sao Paulo/ Brasil. Both spaces were connected through  the digital canvas at the same time!

In November 2015 during the 14th Asia Arts Festival it was presented for the first time in Quanghzou / China.

G-Frame by The Constitute © The Constitute 


Artist biography

The Constitute is a design and research studio based in Berlin, run by Christian Zöllner and Sebastian Piatza. By combining artistic and scientific practices they create interactive experiences for the public space.

Founded in early 2012, arising from the VR/urban Media Art Collective, The Constitute have worked with several international cultural Institutions and exhibited their works worldwide. Currently, their focus is on the investigation of narrative and diegetic prototypes as well as the construction of more public, and socially sustainable, interfaces.

In addition to their creative practice, both members of The Constitute are actively working in the field of teaching. Christian is guest professor at the Burg Giebichenstein University of the Arts and had taught at several international Universities. Sebastian is more focused on the mediation of design and prototyping skills through youth workshops.

Tech info

Multi-touch sensory system, projector, Custom Code, i-Pad


7.-8.11.2015 QUANZHOU @ Asia Arts Festival