“My project is not telling you everything.”


Connecting Cities is live at the European Captial of Culture Riga 2014. We met the french arist Philippe Morvan. 

The vivid scenic design artist Philippe Morvan is part of the Staro Riga 2014 light festival, which starts at the 14th of November. It is his first time in Riga and he really likes the atmosphere of the European Capital of Culture. The historic city appears to him as a calm and wonderful urban area with nice and peaceful inhabitants. He is going to tell us about Riga and his own fascinating project.

Riga is doing well

Monsieur Morvan is honoured to be part of the first Latvian ECoC although he didn’t except Riga 2014 to be that amazing and comfortable. In Philippe’s opinion every organizer is doing as best as they can to make the artist feel homelike and contented. Moreover he thinks Riga 2014 puts the Latvian capital more into the centre of the European Union. Philippe says that this “is a nice and positive outcome”.

Art that speaks to everyone

The Staro Riga 2014 light festival starts today and the preparation of the cities light infrastructure is promising four great nights. Not for nothing the Staro Riga 2014 light festival is the biggest light festival in the region.
During the festival, the facades of buildings, bridges, monuments and parks become light and video technology installations. These constructions are accompanied by music and theatre elements. In the context of the light festival, the urban environment becomes a living contemporary art space that speaks to everyone who is currently in Riga. 

Intention is no intention

Philippe’s artwork Cosmogole has already been build up in Lyon, Amiens, Helsinki, Leipzig and Jerusalem and there were no two interpretations the same. “The name of the project Cosmogole is actually a joke”, Philippe Morvan explains. He took the project’s name from a French cartoon from the 1970s century called Shadoks. It is originally an older animated television series that was produced by the French cartoonist Jacques Rouxel. It was first broadcasted in 1968 and a sensation back then in France. In Philippe’s opinion the projects name Cosmogole provides a huge amount of energy. Therefore there could be a relation to the French words cosmologie or cosmopolite.  As free as the projects name is as free is the idea behind that project. Because there “is no particular idea behind it”, Monsieur Morvane clarifies. That is why he assumes his work as work with “free brains”. He also sees his art as a political act because his artistic scenario is to catch people who normally do not leave the house. Simultaneously Cosmogole is trying to fight against mass media and advertising.

“C’est très emotional”

Still his projects intention is very polite and friendly because he wants to give something new to the public. He says himself, that he doesn’t like every mapping project. ”They tell you anything without leaving space for personal interpretation. My project is different. It is not telling you everything”. But there is one thing all participants should bring to his project – the power of imagination. Once there you will view an orchestra of vivid light instruments with over 100 light objects combining in a fabulous symphony of light and sound. The music and light score creates a mood and atmosphere that can only be felt by being there.

                                                                                                                                                                           By Tobias Grimm