Connecting Cities Urban Media Lab @ Brussels



11 May: Open call deadline

16 May: Publication of the selected projects

13-14 June: Public symposium
 (FRI 13: 10:00-18:00, SAT 14: 10:00-14:30)
15-20 June: Production workshop

20 (evening) & 21 June: Public presentation of the projects in the city, Brussels, Belgium

In the framework of the European project Connecting Cities : Participatory City 2014, iMAL (Brussels) organises an Urban Media Lab masterclass. A range of events from Symposium, to masterclass & urban interventions will be held from mid-May to mid-June.

During an intensive six days workshop led by the artist Luciano Pinna and by the Connecting Cities' artist Ali Momeni, selected participants will produce artworks that explore new forms of urban participation, using existing mobile technologies and custom DIY devices. This will also be the perfect occasion for  the team from Ars Electronica's Futurelab to present their LinzerSchnitte project which was also selected for 2014's Particpatory City. To enrich the thinking and open new perspectives, renowned speakers and artists will discuss various aspects of urban media during a two days public symposium. Finally, join us at the end of the workshop to experience the projects produced by the artists that will invade the public space in the neighbourhood of iMAL.

Friday, 13 - Saturday, 14 June

During two days, artists, researchers and thinkers will share their experience and thoughts about urban media and interventions, the smart city and other techno-urban utopias, participation and engagement of citizens, urban devices and interfaces, augmented reality, ...

With: Ali Momeni (US), Niels Wouters (BE), Katia Truijen (NL), Mark Shepard (US), Martijn de Waal (NL), Michael Smyth (UK), Nanna Verhoeff (NL), Sander Veenhof (NL) and Tobias Revell (UK).

Sunday, 15 - Friday, 20 June

During this six-days, intensive masterclass, selected artists will develop pieces that allow the audience to experience new ways of interaction in and with the urban environment and to understand, respond to, evaluate and question the transformations that the city is undergoing.

To lead this workshop, we are inviting artists Ali Momeni & Luciano Pinna, as well as a team from Ars Electronica's Futurelab who will present their LinzerSchnitte project.

The openLAB masterclasses

In 2005, iMAL initiated its first openLAB, which proved to be a huge success. Followed the Projections on forms and spaces openLAB led by HC Gilje in 2011, and Generator.x 3.0 : from code to atoms led by Marius Watz in 2012. This openLAB is our first to explore urban media art.

openLAB masterclasses are intensive, projects-based workshops. After a preliminary selection through a call for projects, the participants will bring their ideas to fruition during a workshop week (Production Lab). The results are always documented and presented in a public event, which definitely fuels participants' motivation.

Look here at our partner iMAL Brussels for more information about the program and the call.