Connecting Cities project 'Urban Alphabet' by Suse Miessner @ Medialab-Prado


The first Connecting Cities project 2014 'Urban Alphabet' by Suse Miessner was already launched at Medialab-Prado in Madrid. The Medialab-Prado is located next to the Plaza de las Letras, what a perfect match!
On the February 19 the Medialab-Prado hosted a workshop by Suse Miessner who invited the particpants to an urban safari. The artist created a smart phone application, based on an open source framework that allowed the participants to take a stroll through Madrid, take photos of lettering in public space, crop the characters and upload them onto an online database. As such, the participants were able to create their BarrioLasLetras alphabet. After two hours exploring the city the participants came together showed, compared and discussed their findings. Thanks to the geo-tagging, the group could analyze which letters where found in which district and which letter was the most difficult to find. Together with Suse Miessner, they discussed further implementations of the alphabets. During the Connecting Cities events, there will be the possibility to send digital postcards showing messages in which the collectively gathered alphabet is used. In a networked city-to-city scenario, the participants can send postcards via the screen / media facade and get into an intercultural exchange.