Networked City 2013 Workshop and Conference

6 - 8 February 2013
Maison de la Région, Marseille, France

Hosted by Videospread in the frame of ECoC Marseille-Provence 2013.
In Marseille the CCN curators met with the artists whom they had collectively selected for the Networked City Events 2013: The Constitute / Ready to Cloud! – Kristaps Ancans / Meeting Europe – Pippo Lionni / The Village – Sander Veenhof / WeTube – Joan Mora & José M. Blanco / The Puppet Master – Victor Dìaz & Sergio Galàn / TransEurope Slow – Hideaki Ogawa / Monsters – Orkan Telhan & Mahir Yavuz / United Colors of Dissent – Jeremy Bailey / Master-Slave Invigilator System – Mar Canet & Varvara Guljajeva / Binoculars – Akseli Virtanen & Julio Lucio / Robin Hood – Herman Kolgen / Le Souffle.


Medialab-Prado: #codethesquare

Call for interactive Sketches

Medialab-Prado opens up their 15 meters-wide LED facade to programmers and digital artists all over the world. Write and submit your interactive sketches based on the visual programming language Processing.js here. The platform is open for submissions until  February 13th 2013.


Networked City 2013: Final Artists’ Selection!

We had an overwhelming feedback on the calls for our first project period Networked City 2013 which made the selection process a tough business. Thanks a lot to all the artists who submitted their projects!