RICARDO O'NASCIMENTO (Based in Rotterdam)

Wearable Facade is an installation/performance based on a garment that captures the colours of its surrounding and translates them into patterns on its surface. The cloth pattern should be mimic on a building's media facade at the same time. Wearing the interactive garment equipped with micro cameras and leds, the participant/performer captures the colours and the shapes that are around him/her. The smart garment then processes this information and delivers a pattern based on the main colours and shapes. The result is displayed on the garment itself that changes its patterns every 10 seconds while capturing new information from the environment. The architecture is the source of the information that composes the pattern and it is at the same time vehicle of connection between itself and the garment, once the same pattern that is displayed on the garment is also displayed on the facade.

Photographs: © Mathias Moxter; © Frank Vinken

Video: © Public Art Lab & Ludwig Reuter

Artist biography

Ricardo O'Nascimento is an artist and researcher in the field of new media and interactive art. He investigates body environment relations focused on interface development for worn devices, interactive installations and hybrid environments. He is the founder of POPKALAB - a design/research studio focused on innovation in the field of wearable technology.

He holds degrees from PUC - SP , SENAC - SP and the University of Arts and Industrial Design Linz at the Interface Culture Department. Currently he works in his studio and teaches at different places. 
He received awards including CYNETART award 2012 and Rumos Arte Cibernética. His works have been featured in several museums, galleries and art festivals like Ars Electronica, FILE, LABoral, V2, Instituto Itaú Cultural, Soft Galleri, Transmediale and MAC - Coruña, among others.