Thousand LEDs compose an interactive to water surface. This composition as a canvas, reacts to the water touch by producing light. The water creates an electrical bridge and empowering the LEDs to lighten up.

Waterlight Graffiti introduces a new kind of artistic expression by drawing with water and producing light. This project enables anyone to graffiti the wall of LEDs with a basic environment-friendly atomizer. This opportunity opens up new avenues to how the urban architecture is perceived by mixing a natural element with a technological infrastructure. The project was presented at Power Villette Numérique 2004 in Paris for the first time.


Image: Waterlight Graffiti @ Quentin Chevrier & Fotofilip

Artist biography

In 2005 Antonin Fourneau received an Art Diploma from Aix-en-Provence Art School followed in 2007 by a post Diploma in Interactiv Art in the Design School of ENSAD Paris. Since his graduation, Antonin has been focused on interaction and relation with popular culture. He created a collaborative project about innovation and new form of funfair named Eniarof. Most of his research focus on the pleasure to interact with large group of people. In continuation of his research, he was selected for a residency in Japan in 2007 at the Tokyo Wonder Site. Followed in 2008 in a residence at Medialab Prado in Madrid as part of its research for the project Oterp (a geolocalised music game). He took part in various exhibitions related to digital arts. He is currently professor of Digital Arts in ENSAD and guest to teach in several schools like CAFA-Beijing.


23.01.2016 - 15.02.2017 @ Sea World Shenzhen Lightfestival