Asocial policies, irresponsible urban planning strategies, unsustainable, speculative or delirious interventions have filled and continue filling towns and cities with inaccessible spaces in disuse.
The workshop, Virtual Occupation, proposes the projection of images of emblematic abandoned, disused or physically inaccessible spaces, and the projection of the citizens present at the workshop on the inside of these spaces, inhabiting them.
The result is an incomplete experience which reflects in the need to know and recover these spaces created for citizens; generating action, proposals and utopias of reality as an universal experience on how to configure the new city of opportunity spaces.

Virtual Occupation by n'UNDO © n'UNDO


Artist biography

n´UNDO emerges as an attitude, a way of (un)doing architecture, intervening on the territory and the city using their mantra ‘No Construction, Minimization, Reuse and Dismantling’.
Their work is based on critique, debate and reflection. Through this thesis, they undertake various practices and urban and territorial actions, based on participation and multidisciplinary performances.
n´UNDO has taken part in different national and international congresses, leading workshops, teaching lectures, as part of discussions and round tables, and as visiting professors at several universities. Their practice includes, among other activities, the publication of articles, the development of n´UNDO urban plans, organization of competitions, technical reports, and collaboration with different organizations and groups. Among the received awards and mentions, include the BAUXII Spanish Architectural Bienal and the recent two first prizes in Europan2012.

Tech info

Media Façade, Custom Application, Kinect