ALI MOMENI, STEPHANIE SHERMAN & NIMA DEHGHANI (BASED IN USA), 2014 sends puppets across borders to capture, catalogue, and connect experiences of trans-national migration and immigration across time and space on our planet.
This project tries to break the borders for immigrant communities. It aims to present migrants’ views of their home (the things they felt were missing, or were proud of) to European citizens and begin a dialogue on the state of, and reasons for, immigration between Europe and the rest of the world.
TMPV embeds tiny cameras in puppets which then travel to the homelands of their owners, collecting content and streaming stories through live projections and video feeds.

Photograph: by Ali Momeni, Stephanie Sherman and Nima Dehghani © Ali Momeni, Stephanie Sherman and Nima Dehghani


Artist biography

Ali Momeni is a builder, composer and performer interested in the poetics of gesture, affect and timing. His work makes use all manners of technology to explore the social lives of objects and their embedded performative qualities. His creative output ranges from kinetic sculptures and sound installations, to urban interventions and music theater performance. 

Momeni was born in Isfahan, Iran and emigrated to the United States at the age of twelve. Momeni currently teaches in the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University and oversees CMU ArtFab.

Stephanie Sherman curates scenarios, fictions, and infrastructures that re-organize the texts and contexts of culture and society. Often working with and within abandoned sites, her projects repurpose existent media to transform spaces of consumption into places for creative connection and co-production. Through collaborations with artists, scholars, designers, neighbors, and institutions, Stephanie’s projects create autopoetic systems for generating social knowledge, invention, participation, learning, and inquiry. These explorations and experiments compose a regenerative creative and critical research practice premised on incessant invention, play, and re-composition. She believes that there is an art to everything.

Nima Dehghani is an Iranian multi-disciplinary artist whose work explores the relations between society, politics, and audience interactions in public spaces.

Born in Tehran, Iran in 1986, Nima works predominantly in the medium of Theatre and performance art, but has recently been adding video art and Net art in his performances. He strives to find the most effective way to influence the viewers and society through new experiences in experimental media.
Most of his artworks have a social theme, and he tries to reflect political challenges in a hidden layer of his art. Mostly you can find a track of satire in his works.
Nima has won several prizes in playwriting and in 2012 was awarded the best young Iranian director of the year in Iran.

Tech info

Media Facade, Tiny cameras, Voice recorders, Live streaming Software and
Hardware, Portable Video Projector, Handmade Puppets