Noobware & Nutone are presenting an interactive installation in the form of a videogame, designed to act as an awareness campaign for a major problem in Sao Paolo - traffic accidents involving pedestrians. The installation critiques the lack of public safe crossing points, such as streetlights or crossing bridges for pedestrians. The players are confronted with a situation in which they must navigate through a street packed with cars, buses, scooters and bikes attempting to find a way to safely cross the street without losing their life in the process.

Street Crosser by Noobware & Nutone © Noobware & Nutone


Artist biography

Noobware & Nutone are a small team of like-minded people, with a wide range of experience in various design, graphic and technological fields. They come from different backgrounds, not only in terms of nationality but also in terms of work experience such as design, entertainment, gaming, rich media and advertising and have completed projects with major brands all over the world.
The collective have the experience and the resources to handle the entire creative process in-house, all the way from conceiving early concepts through to delivering a finished product. In a nutshell, Noobware & Nutone create design driven interactive experiences across a broad range of platforms.
Noobware & Nutone consists of: David Carrizales (Lead Artist), David Moncayo (Technical director), Jorge Artola (Lead Artist), Marcus Stenbeck (Programmer & PR), Andrés Ortega (Game designer & producer).

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Tech info

Media Façade; Digital Art Gallery; PC; Custom controllers