'Peoples Screen' offers people in two different places the opportunity to co-create coincidental encounters and spontaneous interactions between these two places.
The project was developed by the artists and researchers Paul Sermon and Charlotte Gould from the University of Brighton in the UK.

Their installation adopts a playful and open approach to public urban video screens to manifest a truly interactive ‘Peoples Screen’. Two separate groups will be brought together on screen by using ‘blue-screen’ technology at each location and they will meet in a shared space on the screen in a variety of digital backgrounds in a virtual world. With this installation, the two artists want to develop and explore possible interaction scenarios together with the interactive participants.

Inspired in part by 3D anamorphic street art and computer games, the motivation behind this proposal also comes from the historic films of Lumière contemporaries Mitchell and Kenyon, whose films of Edwardian public crowds in the 1900’s present a striking similarity to the way audiences react and respond in Sermon and Gould’s telematic urban screen interventions.

For the first time the poor people in Guanghzou / China and in Perth / Australia are brought into exchange through an artistic realtime performance on public screens from 15-23 November 2015. Peoples Screen will be presented during the Guanghzou Festival of Lights on the screen at the Flower Garden Square and on the Northbridge Screen in Perth.

Artist biography

The British artist duo Paul Sermon and Charlotte Gould examine in their interactive art installations, the creative and cultural potential of urban screens and deal with the issue of telepresence.


Image: © Collage by Christina Mandilari (Public Art Lab)
Video: © Paul Sermon & Charlotte Gould 



15.-29.11.2015 GUANGZHOU @ International Festival of Lights