THE PARK, 2010

The Park is a video panorama depicting space between the domesticated and the wild, a transmission stage between urban and natural environment. The sports park is an autonomous zone with its own rules: in parks, things beyond the daily habits can be done.
The piece is realised through intricate video techniques combining concrete places and characters in our daily life experience: architecture, people and symbols from a globalised world, Helsinki and Berlin. It plays with the themes of urbanity / periphery, rationality/ irrationality, tourism, sports and ecstasy.

The Park by Ulu Braun © Ulu Braun


Artist biography

Ulu Braun is a media artist specialising in video collage techniques and known for his skills to challenge everyday experience. He studied at the University for Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria, Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland and University for Film and Television Potsdam, Germany. His works have been shown in solo and group exhibitions, and screened at key international festivals. He also is a member of the YKON artist group based in Finland.