Plants, bacteria and millions of other living entities surround us all the time and are vital to our well being. However, they exist in such a way that not both their behaviour, and their very existence, constantly escapes human perception.  What if we could see and hear what plants and microorganisms “talk about”? What if we could pick up on their inaudible whispers -the signals that all plant life generates in response to environmental stimuli- and make them not only audible but also visible?
By using the latest sensory technologies, World Wilder Lab explore how local flora and fauna reacts to various input from their immediate environment. Through visuals generated from real time data, taken from the plant life’s reactions to the world around them, the collective aim to empower these organisms and give vegetation a voice.
The collective will then communicate their findings, and the visualisations, using facades as part of The Participatory City, inspiring passers-by audience to look at plants from different viewpoint and discover their hidden lives. Rather than seeing plants as merely beautiful natural decoration which provides a backdrop to human activity, World Wilder Lab want to encourage people to look at plants as an integral and very dynamic part of our ecosystem, vital to not only our lives, but to our whole structure of existence.

Organic Cinema by World Wilder Lab © World Wilder Lab


Artist biography

“World Wilder Lab” has been set up by three artists: Kasia Molga, Ivan Henriques and Erik Overmeire. All three share the same passion for environment, nature, living organisms, technology, data, science and most importantly, combining all of that together through art. The three artists, through their individual practice, have been actively engaged in raising awareness about nature as partner and collaborator rather than a product. They have all exhibited worldwide using an array of methods and media tools. They are interested in using technologies as an extension of human senses, thereby deepening mutual understanding and constructing a mutually beneficial and collaborative healthy living environment.  Organic Cinema is their first project together as a collective.

Tech info

Local Plants, Arduino, Custom Electronics, Custom Software, Media Facade