A Participatory Screen (S)CUL(P)TURE. An Interactive Networked Performance Installation in Public Spaces. The ‘Mobile Dinner’ at the opening of the Media Facades Festival Europe 2010 in Berlin is a culinary event and a cyber-interactive installation, one which communicatively connects the dinner guests to the ‘happening’ Helsinki through broadcast technology. Through the cyber-communicative cinema in hands of the audience’ and the Questionnaire ‘Media Ageny in the Public’ the guests of both cities can interact on a virtual level through the interactive Live Streaming model, which creates a real, virtually mediated communication format across cultural boundaries, where (digital) space becomes the product of participatory dynamics. Mobile Dinners explores the potential of urban media facades as a relational terrain: The installation forms a communicative architecture between two cities through intercultural dialog.

Mobile Dinners by Johanna Bruchner © Johanna Bruckner


Artist biography

Johanna Bruckner was born in Vienna, Austria in 1984; she works and lives in Berlin.
Her participatory installations and videos explore Neturbanism at the gateway between visual cultures and artistic practice and investigate new forms of social mobility in the fields of cyber migration, transient spaces, and inter-communication between spatial cartographies, working at the interface between art, society, urbanism and digital technology. In addition, Bruckner’s new trans-disciplinary work connects biotechnology, experimental architecture and electronic media. Represented by Kuma Galerie Berlin; recent screenings: LOOP Video Art Fair 2010, CCCB Centre Cultura Contemporania Barcelona 2009, Venezia Contemporanea, 2009.

An artistic co-production by Johanna Bruckner und Susa Pop, Public Art Lab / Berlin
Technical partners: Streampark TV and n-tv