MIMODEK is an interactive-evolving and changing 'living' system, based on the principles of the natural world that 'grows' from the fabric of the city.
As all living systems in nature, MIMODEK reflects its own environment.
It is a site-specific work, formed by unique, location – related data sources and by the behaviour of the visitors. Every installation will evolve into unique an 'organism', reflecting its location.
MIMODEK does not visually mimic nature, but it introduces the city to some of the natural elements that are lacking.
MIMODEK highlights the delicate relation between human beings and their environment, as well as their connection to the other living beings with whom they share this environment.


MIMODEK by Marie Polakova © Marie Polakova


Artist biography

Software development: Jonathan Cremieux
Collaborators: Lali Barriere, Bruno Vianna, Liisa Tervinen, Abinadi Meza, Maja Kalogera, Massimo Avvisatti and Steven Pickles(PIX).

Marie Polakova is a wanderer who once in a while creates some artwork.
She holds a bachelors degree in Digital Screen Arts from UCA, Farnham,UK.
She had exhibited and performed in United Kingdom, Holland, Czech Republic and Spain. Her work is mostly software based and often interactive. Inspiration for her work emerges, simply, from the 'web of life'.

Jonathan Cremieux is a Designer/Programmer with interests in Creative Programming, Generative Graphics, Interaction Design and Computer Graphics.
Currently doing masters of art in New Media (MediaLab Helsinki, Aalto University, Finland). He has previously studied computer science (IUT2, Grenoble, France and Napier University, Edinburgh, UK).
His personal works emerge from the study of natural phenomena, the practice of old games and the observation of everyday life interactions.