JEREMY BAILEY (Based in Canada)

Jeremy Bailey is simultaneously all over Europe. Take a stroll around Brussels or Liverpool and you’re likely to bump into the Canadian artist, offering to give you a tour of the Connecting Cities Events. How can he be in two, three or four cities at once? The answer is one of art falling into technology’s embrace.
Anonymous, Lycra-clad ‘slaves’ are guiding citizens twice around installations and projects that are part of Connecting Cities, while Bailey’s face appears in real time, on screens attached to their heads. Bailey, meanwhile, acts as a ‘distributed presence’, providing supervision via a digital link. It’s an unsettling prospect, not least for Bailey himself who can only see and guide guests around each city on a reciprocal data stream.
The representation of these servantile invigilators as anonymous, androgynous and glamorous visions of the future is admittedly GaGa-esque. Driven by the motives and aspirations of Bailey’s alter ego ‘The Famous New Media Artist Jeremy Bailey’ – a title the artist views as paradoxical.
Master/Slave... is destined to be a memorable folly to ignite ongoing thought and debate into the past, present and future of art development and consumption. Ultimately, Bailey wants to tell people about art and to ask questions.

Partners: Produced by FACT in Liverpool and adapted by iMAL in Brussels

Master/Slave Invigilator System by Jeremy Bailey during the connecting Cites Event in Brussels © iMal
Master/Slave Invigilator System by Jeremy Bailey during the connecting Cites Event at Bauhaus Dessau 2013 © Ruthe Zuntz
Master/Slave Invigilator System by Jeremy Bailey © Jeremy Bailey



Artist biography

Award-winning Toronto-based artist Jeremy Bailey is renowned for his use of augmented reality technologies and computer vision graphics to produce stimulating works of trans-media and live performance. Bailey makes use of an over-embellished middle class, white-male ego, to subvert, critique and poke fun of the dominant hierarchies often associated with new media arts and its technologies.

Bailey has exhibited internationally, both in solo and group shows, and as part of extensive residencies, including FACT, Liverpool; Shargorod, Ukraine and MQ; Vienna. Recent projects include performances for Transmediale, the Stedelijk Museum, FACT, Tate Liverpool, and Rhizome at the New Museum in New York.

Tech info

Materials: iPads, ‘slaves’, custom made ‘pod’ in base city


6+7.9.2013 DESSAU @ Bauhaus Dessau (courtyard), 8.30pm-11pm
4.10.2013 LIVERPOOL @ FACT, 4pm – 5pm, 5.30pm - 6.30pm, 7pm – 8pm
4.10.2013 BRUSSELS @ Comte de Flandre/Graaf van Vlaanderen Metro Esplanade, 5pm – 6pm, 6.30pm -7.30pm, 8pm – 9pm
5.10.2013 LIVERPOOL @ FACT, 1.30pm - 2.30pm, 3pm – 4pm, 4.30pm - 5.30pm
5.10.2013 BRUSSELS @ Comte de Flandre/Graaf van Vlaanderen Metro Esplanade, 2.30pm - 3.30pm, 4pm – 5pm, 5.30pm - 6.30pm