Interrupting the Everyday, 2015

Interrupting the Everyday gives a voice to communities which usually stay invisible.

Snaking through our cities, often going unnoticed, are hundreds of adverts on digital screens that follow us as we journey through the city. Interrupting the Everyday is a project by m-cult and Tactical Technology Collective to rethink our urban environment and to reclaim some of these spaces for issues that affect our society. Together with a group of activists, community groups and designers, we will create campaigns that make visible and public, issues that are meaningful but not covered in mainstream media. These campaigns aim to open new perspectives to citizens everyday experiences of the city and its political underpinnings.

6 groups from NGOs and activist groups from Helsinki were invited together with designers to a workshop led by Tactical Tech to design their campaigns. The campaigns will be displayed on the Digiscreen network of Helsinki metro and tram lines during the Media Facades Helsinki festival. The campaigns aim to capture attention in a short amount of time, expose something that is invisible and interrupt people’s everyday understanding of their city.

The participating groups are multicultural women’s association Monika, the Fin­nish Fe­de­ra­tion of the Vi­sual­ly Im­pai­red, Stadin Aikapankki time bank/ Time heals, Finnwatch, urban environment group Villi Stadi and the homeless support organisation VVA.

Graphic designers: Piia Keto, Petri Clusius, Anja Lisa Hirscher, Daniel Malpica and Maritere Vargas.

Me and My Shadow by Tactical Technology Collective © Tactical Technology Collective

Video: Public Art Lab & Ludwig Reuter


Artist biography

Based in Berlin, the Tactical Technology Collective works with an international network of partners and collaborators to help rights, accountability and transparency advocates and activists and the communities they work with to use information and digital technologies effectively in their work.

Tactical Tech is an interdisciplinary team of information specialists, technologists, designers, human rights advocates and environmental justice activists from Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. They are united by a passion for social change and the potential of technology and effective information processes to contribute to it