Floating Lights, designed for La Fête des Lumières 2012 in Lyon, is an interactive light installation designed by the artists of Travesias de Luz. The project conveys the concept of light as a game within urban spaces and make available to the public of all ages a basic system of lights and colours. The large-scale exhibition uses two giant low resolution screens of 10x3m consisting of 100 colored light tubes with a switch in the central part. Visitors are encouraged to touch the lights and have fun powering on and off each float and be carried away by their creativity and ingenuity writing messages, words, pictures or just enjoy the experience.


Image: Floating Lights @ Travesías de Luz

Artist biography

Travesías de Luz is an artistic iniciative with an original character and personality, founded and directed by the light designer and artist Luisa Álvarez in April 2011.

Since 2011 Travesías de Luz has been transforming public spaces and created different landscapes and atmospheres using light, which have enlighted and interested the public.

Each installation becomes an experience, a really amazing instant during which the visitors contribute by interacting and taking part in the projects and enrich the final work.

In the last years, we have worked on projects for national and international Light festivals and we have enjoyed absolutely fantastic experiences in each country. Among the most recent are works in Frankfurt, Washington, Moscu, Singapur or Lyon and very soon our installations will travel to other cities and continents.


23.01.2016 - 15.02.2017 @ Sea World Shenzhen Lightfestival