URSULA FEUERSINGER (based in Vienna)
Deep City, 2015

Deep City is a project by Ursula Feuersinger which is created on the Ars Electronica façade.

Just as a city’s history can be uncovered by an archeological dig, the collective information that defines its present and potential future can be represented as a digital cross-section, emerging from underneath its concrete, visible structures. The Ars Electronica Center façade will put these underground samples on display: Observers of the project transform into participants by physically extracting hidden artifacts from the deep, bringing them to the surface, and examining them. The resulting layers of visualized data emphasize various political, sociological, cultural, or even personal characterstics of an urban space, encouraging the inhabitants of that space to critically engage with their surroundings.

Artist biography

Ursula Feuersinger is a graphic and video designer based in Vienna, Austria. After studying Information Design with a focus on media and interaction, she worked in Berlin as a video designer and produced stage projections for theatrical works. In 2007 she moved to Vienna, where she has been active as a video artist, visual performer, exhibition-, brand-, web- and print designer. She has been collaborating with the sound:frame festival since 2008, and her work has been presented in Shanghai, Melbourne, Geneva, Moscow and Trieste. Ursula founded her own graphic and motion design studio in 2013.

Image: ©Veronika Pauser & Benjamin Skalet