ANITA BRUNNAUER (based in Vienna)
blindage., 2015

blindage. is the French word for a wall, a shield or an envelope, which protects what’s inside, between disclosure and disguise. 
How can you hide your face without losing it – how can you divulge it without getting the human glass?

blindage. is a lyrical and experimental expression of the humans’ natural freedom which is being lost in a world of monitoring and data superabundance. Examining the overlap of these disciplines the project’s topic is digital masks and introduces us to a combination of the traditional-ethnological masks and their meaning, while placing it in the contemporary context of the modern digital culture and human life.

The project is divided into 3 chapters – fleurêve. synanthrope. abîme. – this division can be understood as the project’s evolution, showing visually transferred metaphors – archetypical as well as surrealistic imagery containing dance, taxidermic and organic masks. A facade as a mask itself, blindage..

Artist biography

Anita Brunnauer aka nita. is a graphic designer based in Vienna. Anita studied Multimedia Arts at the University of applied sciences in Salzburg and interned at lovely Nitrocorpz™ a small design studio in Goiânia, Brazil and later worked as art director for Servus TV. 
In the beginning of 2014 nita. founded her own multidisciplinary studio for visual arts. nita. is also part of the sound:frame AV label. Proud and silent graphic ghost of Duzz Down San records. The visual style can be understood as a constant interplay between daydream and night watch, surface and depth of flotation, a visual fun ambulation among kitsch and melancholia - hijacking into a surreal forest, where animals mutate and forgotten ancestors reveal on leaves.

Images: © nita. & so und frame