We are happy to announce the extension of our partnership with the Professional Lighting Design Convention! PLDC 2015 was staged in the city of Rome.

The sixth Professional Lighting Design Convention, PLDC 2017 will take place in Paris, France from 1 – 4 November, 2017.

PLDC 2017 will mark a further step in the pursuit to officially establish the architectural lighting design profession. The chosen location for this event will be Paris, the most visited city worldwide! The French capital looks forward to playing a significant role in supporting PLDC 2017, and the PLDC organisers will be cooperating with key persons in the Paris’ Municipality to take the event to a new level. Paris was one of the first cities to start using street lights during the Great Exhibition of 1889, and was promptly referred to as the City of Light. The city fathers now have the chance to regain the title in the modern sense as the first 'City of Light 4.0'. By the year 2020, Paris is planning to change its public lighting system radically. In future, more emphasis will be placed on the needs of pedestrians and cyclists with lighting.

Based on the proven success of the PLDC concept, the convention will again be built around a three-day professional conference offering up to 90 professional papers given by high-profile speakers from the world of lighting design, architecture, research, city planning, daylight design and other related professions. Three tracks will be offering traditional 45-minute presentations, the Lighting Application Research track will adopt a new format comprising 20-minute scientific papers.

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Photographs: PLDC 2015