Connecting Cities Workshop and Lecture in Bangkok: 'Urban Media in Public Space: The Bangkok Connect'


// Workshop: 6th – 7th March 2015

// Public Lecture: 6th March 2015, 5 pm – 6.30 pm
Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC)
Multi-function Room, 1st floor

Within the thematic framework of Connecting Cities, the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Goethe-Institut Thailand and Public Art Lab (Berlin) organize the workshop “Urban Media in Public Space: The Bangkok Connect” from 6th to 7th March 2015 in Bangkok. The workshop offers a platform for brainstorming, sharing ideas, and networking. It brings together architects and urban planners, artists, designers and IT-developers, thinkers and researchers. Participants will be people who work with media within the built environment, people who give form to this environment, as well as people who take inspiration from it or reflect upon it.

The project wants to explore ideas for artistic productions in public spaces which make use of the urban media infrastructure as a means to disseminate artistic and social content. Susa Pop and sound artist Christina Kubisch will contribute to the workshop, which contains moderated discussions, free talk sessions and an urban night walk.

The public lecture, held on March 6 at 5.00 pm at the BACC, focuses on urban media with critical viewpoints in the media phenomena fast developing in the city, whether it is in the form of big or small digital screen, media facades, or electronic advertising tool embedded in public spaces. Our today’s modern cities are hybrid structures in which technology is invisibly interweaved in the perception layers of our daily lives. The lecture creates an awareness on the changes which are hardly visible to the eyes and are underlying today's cities. Through some samples of media artworks, the lecture aims to unfold digital structure that affects the psychology of people who live in the city.

Aside from the lecture is a presentation by Christina Kubisch, a sound artist who is researching for the Electromagnetic walk project in which is a special kind of investigation of sound listening around the urban environment. By walking with the magnetic headphone, perception of everyday reality changes when one listens to the electromagnetic fields; what is accustomed appears in a different context. Nothing looks the way it sounds. And nothing sounds the way it looks.

Free Admission!
This lecture will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Thai

Find more information about the Workshop, the lecture and the electromagnetic walk: