// 8 - 11 October 2015


This week finally starts the City Visions Jena Festival, which is initiated by Public Art Lab Berlin and therefore closely linked to several projects and workshops of the Connecting Cities Network.

It’s a new light- and science festival in Jena, in the state of Thüringen in Germany. From October 8-11, 2015 City Visions Jena invites everyone to explore the curatorial topic of ‚invisible and visible cities‘ in a vibrant light parcours.

Jena, city of lights and center for the science of optical technologies, opens up as an urban laboratory and stage for international media artists to investigate the applications and impacts of invisible technologies through interactive light installations.
There will be around 20 different projects which contain light installations, workshops, a symposium and a food market. Among them, there are the two Connecting Cities projects ‘Wearable Façade’ by Ricardo O’Nascimento and ‘Videopainting’ by Blake Shaw. Also there will take place the two interactive projects ‘Privacy Collider’ by Liang Zhipeng and ‘(We are) Light Catchers’ by Michael Ang which were part of the Connecting Cities Protoytyping Lab in Berlin this year. So was ‘Savo-O-Meter’, a workshop that was developed by the artists Ricardo O’Nascimento, Achim Friedland and Melanie Nobis. It’s all about the confrontation with Open Data and raising awareness for being more sensible towards consumption of energy and water.

For more information have a look at the official festival homepage:

Image: © Frank Vinken