In the first episode of our Connecting Cities’ web series presented on ARTE Creative, we take a close look at TransEuropeSlow by Sergio Galán.
The interactive installation with a pedal interface proposes new ways of exploring a city. The bike itself is seen not merely as means of transportation but as a tool that offers novel perspectives on the urban landscape. The installation allows the audience to experience a virtual bike ride through a screen, captured with the eyes of a camera-equipped urban cyclist. 

The project is based on a strong collaboration between the artist and local communities who developed a bike tour with personal narratives inspired by encountered places. This translocated cycling journey seamlessly links the explorations of various European cities, connecting these urban locations and highlighting their differences, and similarities.
"TransEurope Slow" selected for Connecting Cities’ Networked City 2013 and was produced by Medialab‐Prado (Madrid) and adapted by m-cult (Helsinki) and FACT (Liverpool).

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