Feb 201821 - 24



City of Contradictory Utopias: Curatorial Perspectives

21-24 February 2018 (evenings and full Saturday)
Organised in collaboration with Verve Cultural and AVXLab

@ Goethe-Institut São Paulo / Centro Cultural Maria Antonia / Da Haus / Red Bull Station

The four-day program invites artists, curators, architects, VJs, filmmakers, musicians, students, theorists and others with interest in media art to examine curatorial perspectives on urban media art in the context of São Paulo.

A utopian sense of time and space has characterised São Paulo’s rapid vertical and horizontal development up through the twentieth century, becoming capital of commerce and power and hosting a boom in artistic and cultural expressions. The rapid development governed by public politics however reveals its fragility in environments of hostility, oppression, speculation and growing inequality. What can urban media art do as a mean of intervention among contradictory utopias of São Paulo?

ABOUT: The Urban Media Art Academy is a networked, global educational initiative that investigates and intermediates urban media art as an interdisciplinary domain of practice, theory and knowledge sharing. It is realised through a worldwide partner network of artists, art curators, scholars and creative thinkers and develops in between universities, arts and culture organisations, NGO’s, cultural centres, city labs and media architectural initiatives, drawing upon knowledge, experience and methodologies in an interdisciplinary environment.

The UMAA São Paulo | Feb 2018 program is co-organised with Verve Cultural and AVXLab. It is realised in collaboration with Goethe-Institut São Paulo, University of São Paulo and FAU - Architecture and Urbanism College, Centro Cultural Maria Antonia, OUTROS Laboratória para Outros Urbanismos, Da Haus, Red Bull Station, Screen City Biennial, and Connecting Cities; and co-funded by Danish Arts Foundation and OCA - Office for Contemporary Art Norway.

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