Oct 201402 - 02

Connecting Cities Event: Telepuppet.tv @ FACT Liverpool


Ali Momeni and Nima Dehghani's crowd-sourced storytelling platform Telepuppet.tv tries to break the borders for immigrant communities and begin a dialogue on the reasons for immigration between Europe and the rest of the world

For this project, Momeni and Dehghani embed tiny cameras in puppets which then travel to the Middle East, collecting content and streaming stories through live projections and video feeds.

During their residency in Liverpool, the artists made contact with the local Iranian community and interviewed individuals to understand more about their personal stories. He asked about the countries they left behind and in particular the things that the migrants were missing or were proud of. His puppets then travelled to these locations, documenting the sights and sounds of the places that are special to Liverpool’s Iranian community.

On the evening of Thursday 2 October, this footage will form part of a live performance featuring the puppets and the films made on their travels! The audience in Ropewalks Square will also be invited to join in with the show.

Telepuppet.TV will also stream live here for anyone who can't make it down to Ropewalks Square!