Oct 201404 - 04

Connecting Cities Event #7: Telepuppet.tv @ iMAL Brussels


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In the framework of the European project Connecting Cities : Participatory City 2014, the Quinzaine Numérique and during the Nuit Blanche Bruxelles, iMAL presents telepuppet.tv, by Ali Momeni & Nima Dehghani (USA/Iran).

telepuppet.tv, is a collaborative project that uses augmented puppets, urban projections and online videos to discuss the problematic of transnational migration.

The project started with the artists and their puppets meeting immigrant communities in Brussels, Liverpool and Madrid, conducting interviews and collecting memories of their country of origin.

In a second step of the project, the puppets, augmented with camera-eyes and microphone-ears, flew to Iran to film a series of short video sequences carrying on the dialogue initiated in the interviews.

During the Nuit Blanche on Saturday 4 October, the mobile theatre of Telepuppet.tv will travel through the streets of Brussels! Using an urban projection setup, the artists will share on walls & façades the migration stories collected by the puppets.

Find a map of the Nuit Blanche route here!

In the framework of Connecting Cities 2014 : Participatory City, Telepuppet.tv will also be presented in Madrid (MediaLab Prado, 25 & 26/09) and Liverpool!